A View On Censorship In Music and The Government

Published: 20th December 2005
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The censorship of music and other forms of entertainment by the government have long been the topic of discussion among social and political circles. Some forms of censorship such as warning labels for parents can be helpful. Censorship in music
falls into one of those categories in which the people and the government, which is supposed to be a representation of the people, have extremely conflicting ideas on the subject.
Some say that the government should regulate the music industry. They say that the people don't know what is best for them as a whole. Their proof is in the increase in violence, crime, unadulterated sex and other "taboos" that has been on the rise in recent years.
There are those that say that the government should only slightly be involved. These are the proponents of warning labels and the like, and that is about the extent of what they want the government to interfere with.
The remainder generally says that the government has no right infringing on entertainment at all. They say that the government does not have the right to decide what the people can or cannot see, read, or listen to.
A recent article by the American Medical Association was quoted as saying "the link between media violence and real life violence has been proven by science time and again". How can the American Medical Association have jurisdiction over the music industry and say what its product effects? Music has nothing to do with medicine. Psychology, maybe, but definitely not medicine.
A vast majority of media publications refer to these reports, but never give the information to find the reports themselves. This isn't really a simple coincidence. Many articles have quoted lines out of context in an effort to emotionally sway the reader. Out of context of the feeling of the songwriter, not of the lyric. First of all, songwriters write for themselves. Their songs are representations of their mood and thoughts at the time.
Every person has their own deep dark thoughts that would shock others, and they keep them intensely private. However some choose to express them in their lyrics, but they are still just words. The problem comes when people fail to realize this.
A few decades ago, Elvis was thought of by many as the devil. They thought that his dancing was too sexually explicit for the young girls of the day to be seeing. Today, Elvis is considered a "king" and the hero of millions.
The bottom line is that music is not cause of action, violent or otherwise. Music consists of thoughts, feelings, moods, attitudes, and ideas. Music is not a tool to affect the nation and its actions, and there has been no conclusive evidence otherwise.

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